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Why does hair go frizzy?

Why does hair go frizzy?

Hair is made up of lipid oils & fats, protein & water . When hair is dry due to chemical, environmental or heat damage (curly or wavy hair especially) it will absorb as much moisture as it can from the air, as if it was thirsty. So the more moisture in the air 'humidity' the more likely your hair is to absorb moisture and turn your hair back into it natural state before you blow-dried it.

Tips to help keep hair smooth and sleek whilst out and about;

So let's start right at the beginning with washing your hair.

Shampoo & conditioner:

Make sure your shampoo and conditioner is sulphate free and packed full of Glycerin! (Read the ingredients on the bottle, remember the further up the list the more concentrated the ingredient is) always condition and be sure to do a moisture balancing conditioning treatment about once a week, you can always come into our salon to have this done for you to ensure the right masque is applied (it's also a nice treat with an included scalp massage and comfy massage chairs at our basin.)

Top tip!

Every other time you wash your hair forget the shampoo, just condition! Don't worry! Conditioner also includes a little bit of the detergent agent used in shampoo so will also clean your hair slightly so this won't affect the cleanliness of your hair it will just help aid your natural oils to work their magic rather than scrubbing them away which will dry your hair out.

Drying and styling your hair:

After washing gently towel dry your hair.

Always leave your hair to air dry naturally to at least 80% before applying heat, this will reduce the amount of damaged caused by heat even by a little bit (every little helps ) apply a heat protection product. (it is important that you avoid products containing ALCOHOL this will dry your hair out) personally I recommend 'Natulique' 'nourishing hair cream' (contains argon oil, natural silk protein & vitamin b5) this product will also smooth the mid lengths and ends! This product basically acts as a two in one combination as it protects the hair from heat also keeping the hair smooth and nourished thanks to the amazing argon oil.

To finish I recommend ' intelligent nutrients' ' hair shine' this is an oil based product that works brilliantly by one Spritz onto the palm of your hand and smoothed through the ends to avoid fly aways. To ensure minimal frizz from the root down I would recommend 'Natulique' 'medium hold wax' with this product less really is more! A tiny amount rubbed through your fingers and gently pulled through your hair starting at the root. This will protect your freshly blow dried hair from the harshness of the environment, keeping it controlled and frizz free! Woohoo!

A medium hold hair spray will also help, just a fine mist in the air over your head will do, don't go nuts if you still want some movement in your style.

Last but not least never comb or brush your hair whilst dry, this will reverse all of the support gained from the styling products. Gently running your fingers through your hair should be enough to keep your hair looking tidy.

Here are the products I have mentioned for you to see.

Written by Merryn - Artistic Director

DeModa hair and beauty - Illogan

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