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Hints for a Firm Face!

Hints for a firm face

1. Don't rest your face against your hand. The lines that develop will become permanent.

2. Don't slouch. Sit up straight. Good posture is very important for keeping a youthful neck

3. Don't continuously chew your food on the same side of your mouth. Visit your dentist to correct tooth problems. Chewing on one side develops the muscles on that side.

4. Don't wrinkle your nose when you smile or laugh.

5. Don't squint when you laugh or smile. Squinting causes lines to form around the eyes

6. Don't look into bright sunlight without a good pair of sunglasses. Squinting from bright sunlight causes a network of lines around your eyes.

7. Don't use more than one pillow at night. During the night your face presses down deep into a thick pillow. When you wake in the morning the skin has been pressed and folded; it takes an hour or so for these wrinkles to fade away but after a few years the lines can become more permanent

8. Don't use facial tissues to remove make-up. Tissues contain wood pulp which can irritate the skin.

9. Don't lose more than two pounds per week on your diet. A drastic weight loss can lead to a loss of muscle tone.

10. DO drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

11. Do spray your skin with mineral water before applying any cream or make-up and spray several times during the day.

12. Do eat good nutritious foods. Be sure to include fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet.

13. Do get at least seven hours sleep each night.

14. Do exercise your body as well as your facial muscles every day.

15. Do keep a positive and happy outlook on life.

16. Do clean your skin carefully; rid the surface of dead cells, stale creams and make-up.

17. Do protect your skin from sudden changes in temperature.

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