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Pssst�?� So You Want to Know the Number One Secret to Healthy Hair?

Pssst… So You Want to Know the Number One Secret to Healthy Hair?

Well everybody does! There’s so much advice flying around on the internet that it’s difficult to know exactly what you can do to get a gorgeous head of healthy looking hair. Even hair stylists can’t agree! Should you wash your hair every day to keep it clean or leave it for a couple of days to stop it drying out?

How often should you change your hair care products? Or do you even change them at all? Some hairdressers suggest finding a brand that works and sticking with it whilst others urge you to change your shampoo on a regular basis.

It’s a bit of a minefield to be honest! With so much contradictory information, it’s difficult to know what advice you should follow for healthy locks. So we thought we’d give you a helping hand by letting you in on the number one secret to healthy hair. But before we hand over that particularly precious nugget, let’s whet your appetite with a few of the things that you SHOULD be doing already (but most people aren’t)!

Keep heat styling to a minimum – Okay, so you love your curling tongs and your straighteners and we understand why! But to put it bluntly, all of that heat is not doing your hair much good. If you don’t NEED to straighten or curl your hair on a particular day, then don’t!

Protein helps – This one’s a bit weird, but trust us – protein works. In the same way as gym buffs down a shake after a workout to give their muscles fuel, protein hair treatments can help rebuild and strengthen your hair, leaving it stronger and better looking as a result

Eat the right foods – What we’ve all known for a while is true: you are what you eat. Your hair is basically made of protein, so if you don’t eat protein in your diet, your hair won’t be too healthy. Combine protein with some cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and cabbage to keep your hair healthy and strong. Doing those three things will definitely help your hair to stay strong and healthy, but no doubt you’re waiting for the number one secret (we don’t blame you).

So here goes:

You need to trim your hair on a regular basis!

Seriously, this is THE best way to get healthy hair. You can try all the hair care products you want but the longer you leave your hair between cuts, the unhealthier your hair will look.

It’s all to do with those pesky split ends! They weaken your hair by splitting the strand of hair in two and make your hair look limp. By cutting them off sooner rather than later you reduce the risk of multiple splits occurring. Plus the ends of your hair are ancient so they’re not going to look very healthy if you don’t get them trimmed regularly!

So there you have it! We believe that this is the number one secret to healthy hair. If you’re going to stick to one piece of advice, follow that one and you’ll have healthier hair in no time! There are a couple of other things that our stylists swear will make your hair even healthier so why not pop in for a chat or call us on (01872 274 452) to find out?

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