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Cornwall's No 1 Hair Extension Specialist

LA Weave - Nano Rings - Ultrasonic Cold Fusion - Tape Extensions - Clip-in Extensions

DeModa Hair Extensions - LA Weave Authorised Technician.

Price by consultation, only which is £10 and is redeemable if you go ahead.

I will not give a price via email, telephone or any social media, as it just isn't possible.



Cornwall's only LA Weave Authorised Technician. This method has a fitting time of a minimum of 45 minutes making it one of the fastest techniques on the market. And only a 15 minute removal time. 

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion

This method is one of the most gentle methods meaning it is suitable for those with thinning hair, alopecia, or for those growing their hair back after cancer treatment. It can also be used for those with very short hair due to the keratin tips being so close to the scalp and laying very flat, making them virtually undetectable. 

Nano Rings

The nano rings are very discreet and virtually undetectable. They are great for fine hair and only take around 2-4 hours to apply. The lengths available are 18in and 20in. We usually suggest to purchase hair a little longer than you require so it can be cut down to the size you want. 

Caring for you Hair Extensions


Only use a special hair extension brush. It is specially designed to remove the tangle from the hair and from the root area with minimal damage to the extensions. Hold the hair at the scalp when brushing to avoid any extra tension. Be aware that you could end up braking your own hair if you are brushing or pulling on your extensions too much.

Brush hair from the bottom up, this way you remove any angle tangles rather than making them worse. You must brush your hair before washing it, to remove any tangles.

Washing Your Hair

As mentioned, ensure you brush your hair thoroughly before washing it. It is advisable to only wash your extensions 2-3 times a week. Your hair can take around 2-3 hours to dry naturally. This is the best way to dry your hair extensions to avoid them drying out too mush and to extend the life of them. However, you may blow-dry the hair on the low heat setting, pointing the dryer down the hair shaft to avoid tangling or frizz. Always use a heat protector spray when using any source of heat on the hair, i.e., curling tongs, straighteners. Use only shampoo and conditioner specifically for hair extensions to ensure they are nourished. It will also extend the life of the extensions.

We ask you not to use standard shampoo and conditioner as it contains ingredients such as, sulphates, that can break the bonds down and cause them to come out. They also contain chemicals that are drying on the hair extensions. Remember, your hair extensions are not attached to a root any longer, so they won't be getting fed the nutrients like your own hair will be. For this reason you must hydrate the extensions on a regular basis, using a reconstructor conditioner to open the cuticle and repair the hair from the inside, or moisturise from the inside. You can do this twice a week by using something like coconut oil or almond oil. Or a specially made extension treatment.

When washing your hair, ensure you don't hold your head over a bath or sink to wash it, as this will case tangling. You want to hold your head slightly back in the shower, under the shower head, and applying the shampoo with a downward stroking movement. Avoid rubbing the scalp and hair. You may want to apply a treatment for 10 minutes at this stage. Then rinse and apply conditioner using the same technique, but only apply to the mid length and ends as you may risk loosening the bonds which will cause slippage. 


Hair Wefts from 50g to 200g. 100% human Remy hair, double drawn, cuticle correct. The hair can stay in for around 8-10 weeks depending on lifestyle, care and maintenance.

The hair can be re-used for up to 12 months before it needs replacing.

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion

Using only the highest quality human hair for the ultrasonic cold fusion method it's not cheap but it's one of the kindest methods to the hair. 

Nano Rings

The nano ring tip hair extensions use either premium hair or superior hair. Premium hair lasts up to 6 months and is great value and good quality. Superior hair is the best quality and can last 12 months with proper care and maintenance. 

Drying the Hair Extensions

Carefully wrap a towel around the hair and squeeze the excess water out gently. Spray some leave in conditioner in to the hair to help detangle and to hydrate the hair. Again, avoid spraying near the bonds.

Use a wide tooth comb to gently comb the hair smooth. Separate the bonds at this stage. Allow to dry naturally or use a hair dryer to dry the hair on a low heat setting. You may use a soft bristle brush for a smooth blow dry - boar bristle is best. Finish with good quality straightening irons for a sleek finish. Don't forget to spray some heat protector spray onto the hair again before straightening. 

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