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No 1 Hair Extensions Cornwall

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering the latest techniques in hair extensions with no damage to the natural hair and scalp. Its taken this long for me to do them, becuase I didn't agree with the heat methods due to the damage they can cause to the hair. But, now these great methods of applying extensions have evolved, I'm now in agreement with them and can now offer them to you.

Like you, I would want only the best human remy hair and this is why I am offering only 2 grades of hair; Superior hair and Premium hair.

Superior hair is top of the range human remy hair, that is cuticle correct, double drawn or single drawn and tangle free, it will last up to 1 year with the proper care and maintence.

Premium hair will last up to 6 months with the correct care and is great quality at a fantastic price.

I offer the latest Ultrasonic Cold Fusion method that few salons offer, and is so gentle on the hair that it can be used on anyone with alopecia, thinning hair, and those growing their hair back after cancer treatment. This fusion technique uses ultrasonic waves to breakdown the keratin polymers and then directly attach to the hair to create a natural safe attachement that is virtually un-noticeable. The keratin tips are the same colour as the hair and lay very flat which makes them feel more natural and more like your own hair. Extensions for thinning hair require a very gentle methods of attaching hair extensions without further damage to the hair, so the cold fusion method is safe for adding volume to thin hair. This method is not cheap, and you can't skimp on less than 100% human hair for this method, but the extensions will last from 3-6 months in the hair before they need to be removed depending on the speed of hair growth and the correct maintenance.

I am the only authorised LA Weave technician in Cornwall. This is a great new method for applying a weave to the hair in around 45 minutes, with a 15 minute removal time. Gone are the days of sitting in the seat for 6 hours or more.

Benefits of the LA Weave

• 45 Minute Application

• 15 Minute Removal

• No Bonds

• No Glue

• No Heat

• No Plaits

• No Cornrows

• 8-10 Weeks Wear

• 100% Re-usable

Our hair is only available to qualified LA Weave technicians.

LA Weave boasts 28 different colours and 6 ombre colours. The hair is hand picked and ethically sourced from Russia and Mongolia, the processing of the hair is very gentle keeping the cuticles aligned, preventing and tangles or matting. Each hair weft is double drawn remy human hair and will last up to 9 months with the correct aftercare and product use.

Our ethically sourced luxury human hair is:

• 100% Remy Human Hair

• 50g to 200g per weft

• Double Wefted

• Double Drawn

• Re-usable

• Boxed

Nano Rings Extensions - These are proven to be the most descreet method on the market today. They are proving very popular with clients as they are the quickest out of all the ring application methods. If you are concerned about damage to your hair, these will be good for you. They are applied using a very tiny ring, that is 90% smaller than a micro ring, and then clamped shut, gently gripping the hair. This method is not suited to very greasy hair. Aftercare is very important with this method to avoid damage to the bonds and aluminium ring.

Where the hair comes from and what this means to you.

Brazillian Hair - These are hard wearing and will withstand heat and water more than any other hair type. This hair comes straight, wavy, deep waves and spiral.

Indian Hair - This hair is thick in texture yet light, so it's great for a full head to create volume and length but still looking natural. This hair type will go wavy after a few washes which people love about it. You can easily straighten it or curl it with irons or tongs.

Malaysian, Russian/European, Mongolian Hair - This hair is very much like our own hair as it is of a similar texture which is why we love it so much. It's a good choice if you have fine hair. Unlike Malaysian and Mongolian hair, it will wave when washed a few times. If you are looking for hair that is poker straight, then you are looking at the Mongolian and Malasian hair type.

The best hair for thick, luscious volume is the Indian and Brazillian hair, for natural volume to complement your own hair you will should opt for the Russian/European, Mongolian, Malaysian hair.

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